Pickpockets in KLCC - Handbag Slitted

With 50% discount sales in MNG, KLCC, the shop was packed with customers. While customers were busy picking clothes in the shop, they did not realize that their handbags have been slitted off. Purse, cash, iphone etc were stolen. These thieves are professional, they pretend to be one of the customers and stood close to the victims, and slitted open the side of the handbag, and took out valuable items from the bag.

When someone realized the situation, many customers have become the victims, with torn bags and
items lost from their bag. A woman lost his purse and realized it only when she went to the counter to pay. At the same time, she met other customers who lost cash as much as RM4000, and iphones.

Ladies with handbags, please be more alert and watchful of your surrounding. If possible, place your purse and iphones in the pockets of your trousers or jeans, and wear loose clothes, so that it is not obvious where your valuable belongings are placed.

Pickpockets can happen anywhere anytime, when you are least expected.

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