Tip for lady to escape from being dragged away in public by strangers

What can you do when you, a lady, is being dragged away in public by strangers who claimed that she is your wife or girlfriend or sister ?

When there are situation that a few men or group of people trying to drag you away forcefully (their trick is to say that you are his girlfriend/sister/wife, so that nobody will care about the event so shouting won't help much), what you should do is:

Try to destroy other people's valuable/expensive object around you, such as:
* by-passer handphone, jewelry...
* flip over hawker's store or table
* grab the stuff that hawker are selling...
* kick a car near by (preferable with people inside)
* something expensive where they owner is there to witness it….

So that the owner will surely run forward to confront you & the guy who is dragging you, to ask you/him to pay for the expensive stuff you just destroyed in propose…

Of course those are expensive stuff so these men will most likely escape then paying for the (expensive) stuff & let you go.

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