Witness a Car Break In (in USJ Taipan)

Today, around 12 noon, as I was stopping by 99 Speedmart to buy something in Taipan, my husband was sitting in the car waiting for me. He saw a Chinese guy walking around a car parked beside him, and after looking left and right, using a remote control he opened the car, then the car booth, and took out a bottle of engine oil.  Then, he went to another car (White MyVi), and drove away with another woman. Not long after that, a Malay man came by the same car, and asked my husband whether his car has been opened by someone. Only then we realized that his car been broken into. 

We then drove to KFC to pack some food, and we bumped into the same white MyVi again.  It looked like he was driving around Taipan to see if he can catch another person car frequency, so that he can break into another car.

We drove back to 99 Speedmart and notified the Malay guy (who was still there).  He said that just a while ago, he heard his car being opened again using remote control when a car passed by the area.

So, beware, my friends, don't keep anything valuable in your car - toll card, smart card, good shoes, nice bags etc.  While we thought that our car is locked with alarm activated, it can be easily opened by another person.

Note : The victim has notified the police.

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