Scam : Hong Leong Credit Card - Owing RM7000

Owing Hong Leong Bank RM7000 – A Scam

My close relative, Robert, received a call from a person who claimed to be working in Hong Leong Bank in Johor branch.  He said that Robert owed Hong Leong Bank RM7000, under his Hong Leong Bank Credit Card. The scammer was able to state Robert's full name and I.C number correctly, which gave Robert a scare. Robert has never had any credit card with Hong Leong bank before.  He asked where is the card registered, the scammer mentioned a date and the place is in Johor.  Robert has never been to that place. Robert was clever enough to mention that he wanted to call the bank to verify and ended the call.  Robert got the Hong Leong Headquarters phone number from the bank website and gave the bank a call.  The bank officer told Robert that it is a scam, and it is good that Robert ended the scam call and called in to verify. The officer further mentioned that there are other victims who failed into the scammer's prey, review their account details, and transfer thousands of ringgit out to the scammer's account. When the victim denied having such a bank credit card, he will then be transfer to a “policeman” who sounded so real on the phone, where the policeman will ask for all the bank details.

Robert was suspicious because the caller does not speak very good English. There is also sound of fan turning at the background; why would a bank use a fan instead of air-conditioning system.   

Therefore, beware  of such scam.   It is not difficult for anyone to obtain your full name, I.C number, and your home address.  Therefore, do not believe instantly what you hear.   Please be careful not to review any of the following information to the scammer :
1)      Your credit card number (if you happened to have one)
2)      The 3 digit number behind your credit card
3)      Your bank account numbers and PIN number
4)      Logon to your internet banking and perform transaction (transfer money)
5)      Review your internet login and password
Remember, your bank have all your details, they do not need the details from you.  If he claims to be a policeman, do not instantly believe him.  Talk to a policeman in a police station, not on the phone.
You can get Hong Leong contact number from the web link below, or perform a google search for Hong Leong Bank.

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